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Welcome to the A THIN LINE Blog!


Photo: Welcome Mat (Getty Images)

When we first started A THIN LINE, we wanted it to be a place where you could share your struggles with digital drama and take control of your digital lives. We created a Q&A section where you could talk about it with experts and other young people, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts have turned into a home for sometimes spirited, always interesting conversation on the topic. Since then, we’ve continued to find new ways for you to figure out what’s Over the Line? and how to Draw Your Line.

Today, we’re launching a new blog on A THIN LINE. Incorporating Q&A posts, the best of MTV Act’s reporting on digital abuse, and original content from the A THIN LINE team and youth street team, we hope to provide a new home for you to get the facts, get involved, and get talking about digital abuse. Welcome!

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