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Selfless Snaps: Wanna See a Lizzie Velasquez Movie? So Do Kristen Bell, Jason Collins + Josh Horowitz

Friend Movement Campaign Benefit Concert - Los Angeles, CA
Lizzie Velasquez is a renowned public speaker, writer and activist, and next she wants to be a documentarian, creating a documentary about her amazing life.

As a teen, Lizzie, who has a rare medical condition, was bullied so badly someone put a video of her on YouTube called “World’s Ugliest Woman.” But Lizzie triumphed over this cruelty, becoming a hero to millions of people for her inspiring anti-bullying crusade and for returning to YouTube in a viral vid for her TedX talk.

So her next plan of action is a documentary, and she’s got a Kickstarter campaign going on to fund it.

+ Watch The Lizzie Project Kickstarter Campaign Video

And Lizzie’s got some pretty awesome support from celebs in her new vid about the campaign. Check out cameos from Kristen Bell, Hilary Duff, Felicia Day, Jason Collins and MTV’s own Josh Horowitz.

“My dream is this: to leave the online community better off than I found it, or rather than it found me,” Lizzie reveals in her video. “My dream is to bring all of us together . . . and finally put an end to online bullying.”

That might sound like a pretty big goal, but this is Lizzie Velasquez we’re talking about. So check out the Kickstarter and see if you might be able to give a little. If you can’t give, you can still spread awareness of this documentary by talking about it on Twitter. As the Kickstarter campaign page says about Lizzie, “If nearly 10 million people have become her champions from 13 minutes, imagine what 90 minutes can do.”

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