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3 Things That Caught Our Attention On The Season 3 Premiere Of ‘Catfish’

In the season three premiere, hosts Nev and Max help Craig and his sister, Miriah, to uncover the truth about Zoe
Yowza, didja catch all the twists and turns on tonight’s new episode of “Catfish”? The new season is off to a start that’s full of dramz, and a few things in particular really stood out to us.

In the episode, Craig is in love with Zoe, or the person he thinks is Zoe. They used to be super tight, but Craig says that their relationship has been declining, even though they’ve exchanged “I love yous” and would communicate all the time. And every time they’d try to meet up, Zoe would have an excuse.

+ Sharing Passwords

Craig talks about how Zoe demanded to have his password to Facebook. According to her, this was about trust. However, someone’s password is supposed to be secret. A sign of an unhealthy relationship can be when one person forces the other person to give them their password. This lets the partner have power over the other. Zoe also hacks Craig’s account and won’t let him get away from her. These are all serious signs of a controlling relationship.

+ What To Do If You’re Harassed Online

Things got even scarier when it was revealed that Zoe would somehow get her hands on compromising pics of people and share them online. First she’d threaten to share nude pics to try to get people to kiss up to her. Then she’d actually release the pics, with a person’s full name and school on them so people would know who they were.

This is why it’s safest not to take or share pics like these in the first place. But if you’re ever in the situation where someone has pics of you and they’re threatening you (or they’re posting them online), you do have options, including legal ones. Talk to the police or a lawyer. If this is happening on Facebook, you can also report it to them on top of getting legal help.

+ Helping a Friend Who’s Bullied

Nev says that Zoe might be the most destructive and hurtful person using a fake profile that he’s ever come across. It turns out that Zoe is really someone named Cassandra, and Nev and the others want to know why she’s been acting the way she has.

Eventually, Cassandra breaks down and says that she tries to act tough, but that’s not her and she used to be bullied very badly, which impacted her emotional health. You can see how the cycle of bullying can go on — first she was bullied, then she bullied others. It goes to show how important it is to stand up against bullying — to not do it, to call it out when you see it, to help someone who’s being bullied. If you ever see a friend who’s being bullied or who’s down, it’s important to talk to them and help. If you ever need any aid on how to do this, you can always check out MTV’s campaign on digital abuse, A THIN LINE – and if digital drama is impacting your emotional health, head to Half of Us.