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    Miley Unfollowed Liam on Twitter? Here Are 3 Orgs to Take His Place

    Oh. Em. Gee. Miley Cyrus totes unfollowed Liam Hemsworth on Twitter over the weekend, sparking even more speculation about the fate of their relationship. But we'll leave that to the gossip sites. Instead, check out these orgs that we want Miley to follow for life. READ MORE

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    'Catfish' Stars Nev + Max Tackle Your Online Dating Q's, Part 3 [VIDEO]

    "Catfish" hosts Nev and Max have teamed up with MTV Act and MTV's campaign against digital abuse, A Thin Line, to create Over The Line Confessionals — a series of Q&A sessions with the online relationship experts. In today's video installment, the fellas discuss how to tell your parents about your online relationship. READ MORE

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    ACT-OFF: Janelle Monae vs 2 Chainz OR Electric Ladies vs. Black Unicorns

    Janelle Monae and 2 Chainz have a lot in common. They're both successful artists, they're both fashion-forward (Can you believe 2 Chainz wore the same pants as Grimes at the 2013 VMAs?!), and they both have new albums out today. Most importantly, they're model citizens who use their fame to motivate and inspire others. READ MORE

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    'Catfish' Stars Nev + Max Tackle Your Online Dating Q's [VIDEO]

    How do you catch a "Catfish"?! On A Thin Line! "Catfish" hosts Nev and Max have teamed up with MTV Act and MTV's anti-online bullying movement, A Thin Line, to create Over The Line Confessionals -- a series of Q&A sessions with the two online relationship experts. READ MORE

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    Throwback Thursday: Two Decades Of Britney Spears

    Britney hit the scene almost two decades ago, when she joined the "The Mickey Mouse Club" revival. Her role in Hollywood is ever-changing, but one thing remains the same: she's a damn good person! READ MORE

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    Taylor Swift + Carly Simon Probably Think This Post Is About Them (It Is).

    Taylor Swift is a breakup song extraordinaire, but when it comes to singin' songs about lost love, one woman takes the cake: Carly Simon. The two sang Simon's breakup anthem, "You're So Vain," at the Gillette Stadium last night, and Taylor became one of only a handful of people to find out which one of Simon's high-profile boyfriends the song is really about. Watch their sweet duet, then check out what we think some of Taylor's biggest songs are really about. READ MORE

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    Nev + Max Tackle An Eight-Year Online Relationship on 'Catfish'

    On tonight's episode of "Catfish," we meet Lauren and Derek, a couple who've been in an on-again, off-again online relationship for eight years. (Fun fact: Eight years is also the average length of a marriage!) Much to Lauren's frustration, the two have yet to even video chat, so she enlists the help of Max and Nev to meet her dream man -- or at least find out if he's real. READ MORE

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    Talking 'Bout The Blurred Lines...Of Sexting

    They say nudity is in the eye of the beholder, but in 2013, it can quickly be in the eye of everyone with a cell phone or the Internet. As technology and smartphone apps like Snapchat make taking and sending dirty pics easier, and more widely accepted, there are a few things we need to keep in mind. READ MORE

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    Everyone Is Gay!

    New York-based musical duo Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino, otherwise known as A Great Big World, have a message for our great big world: "Everyone Is Gay." When LGBTQ support site Everyone Is Gay challenged them to write the "gayest song in the world" for an upcoming compilation, they rose to the occasion. And it's pretty freakin' awesome. READ MORE
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    ACT-OFF: Rebecca Black "Can't Stop" Miley Cyrus, But She Can Stop Bullying

    Miley Cyrus "Cant Stop," and neither can Rebecca Black, who has proven she is much more than her ultra catchy debut single, "Friday." The 16-year-old singer released a cover of Miley's "Can't Stop" last week, and it turns out the two have even more in common: they're both so not okay with bullying. READ MORE

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    Selfless Snaps: LeAnn Rimes Gives an "F" About Bullying

    If we wanted to describe LeAnn Rimes with words that begin with “f,” we’d start with fabulous or fun. Earlier in the week, however, the singer stepped out on behalf of an anti-bullying movement, which means there’s a better word to describe this crooner: friend. READ MORE